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In The Beginning...

Namun, usahanya untuk menyebut sehingga betul
harus dipuji.

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The Boy Who Cried Werewolf

Director: Eric Bross
Scipt Writer:  Art Edler Brown, Douglas Sloan
Cast:  Victoria Justice, Brooke Shields, Chase Ellison, Matt Winston, Brooke D'Orsay, Christie Laing etc

Synopsis: (

Jordan Sands (Victoria Justice) is an allergy-prone, awkward, nerdy, and bespectacled 17-year-old girl forced to take over as the woman of the house 2 months after her mother’s death and is often bullied by popular girls Ashley Edwards (Andrea Brooks) and Tiffany (Christie Laing). Her embittered widowed father David (Matt Winston) is struggling to make ends meet while her 14-year-old brother Hunter (Chase Ellison) drives his family crazy with gory pranks. Their financial woes may be relieved when they inherit their Great Uncle Dragomir Ducovic’s castle in Wolfsberg, Romania. After arriving in Wolfsberg during Moonlight Mania which honors the famous Wolfsberg Beast, they meet the strange and steely housekeeper of the castle Madame Varcolac (Brooke Shields), which strangely, every time someone utters her name, a wolf howls.

Having spent most of her life as the Wolfsberg Manor housekeeper, Madame Varcolac discourages David from selling the property, but real estate agent Paulina Von Eckberg (Brooke D'Orsay) has other plans in mind and begins dating David to win him over. The Sands’ strange visit soon goes awry when a freak lab accident in Dragomir's lab occurs in which a vial of LB-217 was broken and Jordan accidentally steps on it upon her and Hunter being surprised by a flock of bats. After Hunter removes the vial shard from the sole of Jordan's foot, Jordan starts to develop a transformation into a werewolf.

The next day during dinner Jordan begins to go through some stuff that a werewolf would do, like she says that she slept like a dog, instead of slept like a log. When Jordan and Hunter were walking around town, Jordan becomes very hyper-active and cuddles Hunter tightly as after she is then able to smell cotton candy from over 2 blocks away as well, Jordan stated that she was fine and with the costumes and the people she felt like this was amazing. She then runs towards a park with she was able to hear from the other side of town and begins to play with the dogs despite being allergic. She then bumps into Gordon as they both decide to go on a date that night, but while Gordon goes for his delivery, Jordan sees that she doesn't need her glasses to enhance vision. Hunter's paranormal expert friends claim Jordan has to be a werewolf and explain that Jordan had two ways which could cause her becoming a werewolf: being in the bloodline of a werewolf family, getting bitten by a werewolf or being infected by werewolf blood. Further they explain that LB-217 was an old Latin term for werewolf blood by the ancient Greek king, Lycaon, who caused the lycanthropy myth.

Succumbing to the changes, Jordan becomes graceful, athletic, and self-confident as well as being able to see without her glasses. Jordan's dark side is dangerous to others and the change befuddles her new suitor Goran (Steven Grayhm), the town’s young attractive butcher. Her first transformation occurred after her date with Goran where she almost attacks Hunter before David comes home causing her to retreat into the woods, which Hunter becomes aware of a foreshock before the transformation, seeing Jordan's wolf eyes. In order to salvage her crush and return to her normal self, Jordan must rely on Hunter to save her before it is too late. Hunter's occult-expert friends say that if Jordan stays a werewolf throughout a full moon night, she will remain living as a human who will transform into a werewolf and back for the rest of her entire life. The only way to lift the curse is to kill Jordan with a silver bullet, which Hunter refuses to carry out.

As Hunter tries to find a way to reverse Jordan's curse, he stumbles onto Varcolac, who reveals to Hunter that she knows of Jordan's curse, and has once lived with a cursed being herself: Uncle Dragomir. She reveals to Hunter and Jordan that their Uncle Dragomir was the Wolfsberg Beast, a kind and gentle man who was a brilliant scientist and humanitarian. Uncle Dragomir researched a way to reverse the werewolf curse so that others wouldn't be forced to live the same cruel fate he had. He led an army of werewolves into a war many years ago when a clan of evil vampires attempted to rule the world; the werewolves took the victory and the Wolfsberg country became sacred land where the Wolfsberg Manor now stands. With Dragomir dead, Varcolac fears that the vampires will try to rule the world by killing Jordan. Jordan offers to have her become the new Wolfsberg Beast to protect the castle, but Varcolac says that only a blood-line werewolf can become the protector. The three of them go into town collecting supplies for the werewolf cure.

There Gordon tells Jordan that he liked the old Jordan so she was about to tell him about her werewolf self but before she could her hands begin to grow claws. After that she puts them in her jacket pockets claiming that she is cold, so she goes to Varcoloc and seeing that Jordan's eyes have turned werewolf blue again, Varcolac tells Hunter to take Jordan to Wolfsberg Manor where she'll be safe until Varcolac gets the rest of the ingredients. On the way to get a cab, they bump into Paulina who gives them a ride to Wolfsberg Manor as she's picking there dad up for dinner. On the way to Wolfsberg Manor, Paulina begins to talk about the night. Jordan begins to painfully hold in her transformation by lifting her head up and down and keeping her head away from Paulina. When Paulina ask Jordan if she's ok, Jordan nods with a deeper voice and says "yes" but she them coughs it up and in her normal voice says "I'm fine." After that Jordan grows werewolf ears and almost attacks Paulina, so Hunter gives her sunglasses to cover her werewolf eyes, but then after that the car breaks down so Paulina goes to fix it as Jordan and Hunter get out of the car after hearing weird noises and see that there are vampires behind Paulina.

As it turns out, Paulina is an evil vampire who wants to take over Wolfsburg Manor, and that she killed Uncle Dragomir and Jordan is next. She captures Jordan, Hunter and David, attempting to kill Jordan with a silver bullet. Hunter, desperate to save everyone, sights the full moon and begins stages of the transformation, Jordan experienced for a few days in only a matter of seconds and becomes a werewolf (Hunter is the next bloodline werewolf as having just turned 14, he is now able to transform). Hunter and Paulina battle for a while, Hunter calls Jordan by howling and Jordan returns to fight while Varcolac continues to finish the cure and notices the rising sun. Jordan and Hunter become aware of this and finally manage to vaporise the vampires by pushing them into the sun's rays. Jordan saves Hunter from being killed with a silver bullet by tackling Paulina and putting her into the sunlight, saying to her that "it will feel like a little pinch".

After that, they all return to Wolfsberg Manor with Jordan now on the brick of becoming a werewolf with pointy ears, longer and bushier hair, eyebrows and werewolf teeth. They use Hunters blood as the final ingredient for the antidote, and inject it to Jordan right before the transformation could be permanent. The lawyer in charge of Dragomir's estate Igor Van Helman Stanisklavsky (Alex Diakun) allows Varcolac to continue working there, and gives the Sands the money they inherited from Dragomir. According to the lawyer and Varcolac, Dragomir had invented karaoke as the lawyer responds this when Mr. Sands asks how Dragomir got so much money. Hunter becomes the Wolfsberg Beast to take Dragomir's place, howling in werewolf form from a mountain outside the town during the Wolfsberg festival that honors him.

After Hunter returns to normal, the family returns to the U.S. where Jordan returns to school, more secure and confident, with a new fashion sense. She is now worshiped by Tiffany and Ashley and dates Gordon(who transferred to the school). David has also begun dating again having made sure that he has seen his latest date in the daylight. Unbeknownst to the Sands family, Paulina was not killed, but severely injured and in a body-cast as she moves in as the Sands' neighbor in the final scene.

Before the credits roll, the characters of the film are seen doing a karaoke of the Britney Spears song "Baby One More Time."

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